Apr 012019

4 Best Ways How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

Finding your laptop hot while gaming is not actually a pleasant experience. Thus, you need to know how to keep a laptop cool while gaming. Moreover, knowing the laptop hot will make you think fast ho to cool it down.

Without consuming much more times, take a look at the 4 best ways to cool your laptop down.

Best Ways How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

  • Find a Hard and Flat Surface

The first thing to do dealing with the way to cool down your hot laptop is to find a hard and flat surface to place your laptop. It would be better if you use the flat surface from the beginning use. Commonly, to play the game comfortably, children or youth like to bring their laptop onto the bed and place it on a pillow. Well, it is totally wrong and may cause damage to the laptop. What about the floor? It is hard and flat, isn’t it? No, you can’t either put your laptop on the floor surface although it is flat. It is because the floor tends to collect dust particles easily. It may harm your laptop, too. So, the best place to put on your laptop is the table.

  • Clean Out the Dust

The second way on how to keep a laptop cool while gaming is to clean the dust. Dust is one of the causes of excessive hot laptop. To get rid of the dust well, you need to purchase a bottle of compressed air and spray it over the laptop. Clean all the external parts of the laptop by spraying and wiping the laptop using the soft and smooth cloth. In this case, don’t forget to carry out this way when your laptop is in off position. Well, it is much recommended that before playing the game, you firstly clean out all the dust and find the flat surface to place your laptop.

  • Purchase A Stand

There are many kinds of laptop’s stands coming with a fan in which the function is to cool down the laptop or to keep the laptop cool while using it. You can just come to a laptop accessories shop to find it since it is available in the markets so that you will easily find it.

  • Adjust The Laptop Settings

Adjusting the laptop settings is the next way you can try dealing with the way how to keep the laptop cool while gaming. In this case, you have to make sure that your laptop is set up to manage a heavy graphics load. You don’t have to update some software unnecessarily unless they don’t work fine. You can also lower the screen’s brightness, unplug the USB power device and close the idle apps that may hog up the CPU time. These activities will also be much helpful to keep your laptop cool while you are playing the games.


Finally, you may come to the conclusion that you need to know how to keep the laptop cool while gaming especially if you are playing the game more frequently. Keep your laptop cool is one of the ways to save the laptop out of the damage.

Mar 232019

5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features You Can Consider

Did you know that Adobe Photoshop CS5 is one of the most popular versions of the CS series of Photoshop software? Installing this version won’t be disappointing due to its ability to work and create with PSD files and layers.

Although there are some newer versions developed such as CC, however, the previous ones such as CS5 are still very helpful and useful. CS5 has simplified workspace despite lots of tools possessed. This is one of the greatness that the software has dealing with the ability to enable as well as disable the different Windows on the workspace. This is actually based on necessity.

To ensure you that Adobe Photoshop CS5 still gives out a considerable contribution, here are the 5 selected features we are going to review.

5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features

  • Layers Panel

Dealing with the software ability, CS5 comes with the layers panel to allow you to create, move or remove the layers which are the powerful concept offered by the software. The ability to create, moving and removing the layers are much dealing with the graphics editor. Thus, if you want to edit the graphics, you can optimize the layers panel feature.

  • Learning Curve

The second feature offered by Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the learning curve. Learning curve feature has the power to enable you to master the basic concepts. Although it is considered slow, it won’t be a big matter since you can find the tutorials telling you how to create a beautiful and professional design for some web pages you may go on the project.

  • Automatic Image Straightening

Another feature you can optimally use is the automatic image straightening. This feature is very good to save a 16-bit image in JPEG files and the rule-of-thirds cropping tool you can find in the color pick up. Now let’s infer in mind that image straightening can save the disk space.

  • Adobe Mini Bridge

Added by adobe mini bridge feature, Adobe Photoshop CS5 will allow you to easily operate the software. This feature is the complete image browsing and management system included in CS5 version in which the features are all completely there and completed by the video editing and 3D. In other words, the adobe mini bridge feature is the bridge to the easiness of software usage along with the extended versions.

  • Other Key Features

Besides added by the basic features mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop CS5 has also some other key features including:

– Free download that allows you to download the software a hundred percent freely.
– Enhance and improved seamless workflow so that you can have a better result of the image product.
– 3D tool along with After Effects to enable you to add the effects as well as create the 3D image.
– Enhanced Camera RAW to allow you to take a better picture.


Overall, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is quite considerable to install soon on your computer. Designed as one of the most popular software, CS5 presents the ability to work with PSD files and layers. The features offered are all functioned well to support you use the software well without restriction.

Mar 172019

[Answer] Why Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Pop! It is suddenly black out! Sometimes it happens to your computer restarts when playing games. Feeling so sucks because you must wait for couple minutes to turn back to the game. It must be confusing. You think that your PC is okay. Never shut when you run the game before. Have you ever faced this?

Finally, you start to blame the antivirus. You assume that the virus annoys your PC. Then you get the antivirus updated. Well, you might be right. Because if the computer restarts when playing games can also be caused by the virus. But that is not always true.

Why Computer Restarts When Playing Games

There are other possibilities why your PC gets a reboot by its own:

  • Check Your Power Supply (PSU)

It is good to start checking your power supply (PSU). Your PC might be overheating while you are gaming. It becomes unstable, so your PC has its system to restart by itself. It needs to cool down for a while. Usually, a PC is designed by one exhaust fan. That is okay, but you need more for the high – performance work. More fans will make a good airflow and hold the heat increased.

Talking about the heat. After you ensure the fans work well, it is important to monitor the temperature too. Every PC is different, so you can monitor your PC in various ways. Install a suitable application. Tools like this will also help you to monitor the temperature on other components.

  • Defective RAM

Defective RAM

This can be the root of why your computer restarts when playing games. Just like on point 1, RAM is possible to get overheat too. Once your PC gets a high temperature, it will affect another component, including RAM. You should check the physically too. Maybe you find a crack or damaged surface on it.

Shut down your PC, then unplug your RAM. It is easy to take out and just pull carefully. If you are confident enough your RAM is good, put it back. Make sure it is locked properly on its slot. You can also analyze RAM problem through the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Run the application and follow the instruction to get the result.

  • Is Your VGA Okay?

Another culprit of this case is your VGA. When something is wrong with VGA, the computer can suddenly restart. If you have not updated your VGA while you are enjoying every new brand game, be prepared for this. You cannot use the outdated VGA for several new games. Make sure it is properly used for the game you enjoy.

Still from the heat issue. Your VGA might be affected by this matter too. This is so relevant to make a problem. Try to clean your VGA and clean from every dust. If needed, you can open PC chasing just in case you VGA has a good circulation.

  • Diagnose Your Processor

We hope you are not in this trouble. The damage of the processor will cost you a lot. One of the symptoms your processor damaged is the computer restarts repeatedly. It cannot stay for a long time. So, if the computer restarts when playing games could be the beginning of the symptoms. Open your PC and check the heat. Yes, again, heat issue.

When you already unplugged the processor, try to see its surface. If you find a burnt spot, it means you processor just had an overheating. The electricity cut off, so your PC has not any supply to run. By the end, the only thing you can do is changing the processor. After that, keep your PC on the proper temperature.

If you are the newbie or just a having – fun – gamer, we recommend you ask any professional. Your computer restarts when playing games seem like a simple problem. But do not underestimate this matter. More than that, it could affect your other system, application, and hardware.

Feb 272019

Smadav Pro Features, What to Expect from It?

Smadav Antivirus Pro

What’s so special about Smadav Pro features, anyway? You are probably thinking about choosing Smadav Pro as your professional antivirus program, especially for your computer and your system. The question now is: What can you gain from the program? What can you expect from it? How do you view the features?

A Glimpse of Smadav

Smadav is claimed to be one of the best additional antivirus software that can be paired together with the main protection system. Despite its benefits, Smadav can’t be used as the main antivirus system because some of its flaws. Not only it lacks in some of the most important protective elements, the software has its own limitation in detecting malware and other suspicious files or folders.

However, if you use Smadav as an extra protection program, then your computer has a higher chance of protecting itself quite well. The main protection system will provide security coverage to the entire system while Smadav can provide the extra protection to the external devices, such as the USB flash drive.

Smadav Pro in General

Smadav Free is the free service offered by Smadav for their users who don’t want to spend a dime. It’s a pretty generous action from Smadav, right? But you need to remember that free service usually comes with limited features and benefits. Yes, you can enjoy the service and yes, some people may think of it as enough.

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

However, some people may want advanced features. They are looking for better and also wider coverage of protective elements to safeguard their system from harm. For this matter, the Pro version is created – along with Smadav Pro 2020 features.

So, what are the Smadav Pro features that you will find useful and enjoyable?

  • It provides an automatic update so you won’t have to do it manually. It removes the hassle and the problem of managing regular update
  • Since it can provide an auto-update, you won’t deal with the annoying update notification message. Some people may not have any problem with it but some do.
  • You can expect a more regular update – faster and more efficient than the free service. In the free version, the update takes place once in every 4 to 6 months. With the Pro version, you can expect a monthly update. Because of this, you can expect better protection.
  • You can make use of the service for commercial or business use. This is certainly important when you have a business
  • You can change the display theme or color which will make a personalized look and attractive appearance.

Aside from these features, you can still enjoy a lot of perks, such as exception list, profit usage permit, anti ransomware benefit, app protection, and so much more. Yes, you will have to pay extra but then again, you can also enjoy the extra perks.

There are some things to consider when choosing an antivirus. Do you need Smadav Free or Smadav Pro? Do you want Smadav or other antivirus programs? As long as you have understood Smadav Pro features, you should be able to make a better decision.

Jan 092019

Top 5 Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android 2019

Crossword Puzzle Apps

Most of the people in the world spend most of their time on a smartphone by using different game apps. Moreover, there are lots of logical apps available for Android and iOS users nowadays. They will help the users to train their memory and intelligence

There are many logical games available for online or offline. For instance, crossword game apps are one of the best ways to train the user’s memory. Here is top five the best crossword app Android for a companion in the free time.

This game is also known as five-minute crossword puzzle developed by second gear games. It is another amazing cross-app containing a large set of bite-size puzzles. The user has to solve each of them in 5 minutes.

Now, it is available with different difficulty levels with three different languages which are awesome. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to skip crosswords if the user cannot solve it.

For more interesting crossword experience, Wordalot does things a little differently compared to other apps. Apart from giving individual word-based clues, it shows a picture at the top of the puzzle. It consists of items that can be found in the picture.

The users have to match what the puzzle is hinting towards to the picture. Moreover, a nice twist on the crossword format is available if the user wants something fresh. In addition, this game is also good children. Thus, this game is one of the best crossword app android.

It is a modern word game app for Android and iOS device users. It’s easy to start with different and advanced challenging levels to play on Android. Moreover, it has the best combination of word searching, so the users can really enjoy word puzzle on Android.

There are more than 3700 puzzles are available from the makers of word chums in this app. Those all make this game app enjoyable, fun, and different.

It is a free Christian fun game apps for Android and iOS users. It provides challenging Biblical words to solve in a limited time. Moreover, it has ad-supported crossword game app at different levels. Thus, the users can easily choose a level before starting the game.

All of the crosswords on this app are easy to solve, so it is good for everyone to include children. One of the best features of this best crossword app Android is to provide a weekly theme and bonus puzzles.

This app is a popular crossword game apps by Teazel. It allows users to improve the word power by solving crosswords on Android. In addition, it has listed more than 250 cryptic crossword puzzles with 24 different features. Its unique feature is to provide an option of extra preferences.

Therefore, those best crossword app android are an excellent exercise for the mind. The programs are suitable for those who want to relax from work and switch to something else. The good news is all of those apps are free to download and play. Go check, download and play it.


Dec 282018

Honor Magic 2 Specs, Features & Price

Honor Magic 2

Honor Magic 2, released on October 2018, comes with most of what you expect from a smartphone. Running the latest Android version, this handheld is powered by powerful hardware to support you deal with a lot of things. This phone is what you want for outstanding photos. This is also the right one when you are mobile gaming lover especially multiplayer online mobile games. Well, let’s check out what this smartphone offers you for enjoyable mobile activities.

Honor Magic 2 Specs

The handheld comes with Magic FullView Display that measures 6.39 inches. The bezel-less FullView Display allows you to enjoy broaden horizons, based on what the vendor claims. Interestingly, you can slide the screen to pop up the front cameras. It is even better due to the fact that you can enjoy the 2.5D AMOLED display of the near 100% screen-to-body-ratio bezel-less gadget.

As we have stated previously, Honor Magic 2 comes with the latest Android version. It runs Android 9.1 Pie which is powered by HiSilicon Kirin 980 (7nm). Based on what is stated by the vendor, the chipset is the newest of the Kirin series that features dual-core NPU and is able to boost up to 125% improvement especially in graphics recognition speed. About the internal storage, this product comes with 128 or 256 GB of internal storage which cannot be extended by using the external storage card. However, the capacity is large enough to support your needs. Further, this phone comes with 8 GB or 6 GB of RAM. In addition, you can enjoy all of the stuff by relying on a non-removable Li-Po 3500 mAh battery which is claimed to be able to support your multitasking and gaming needs for hours.

Honor Magic 2 Camera

The cameras can be one of the most appealing aspects of the smartphone. This offers triple main cameras that include one RGB 16 MP, Monochrome 24 MP, and Ultra-Wide Angel 16 MP with one flash. For sure, those will bring you into better experiences in taking photos with various challenges and scenarios. About the front or selfie camera, Honor Magic 2 comes with Al-Triple Camera 16 MP that promises you the next level of selfies with bokeh and professional portrait lighting functions. As stated previously, the front cameras will pop up when you slide the screen. For sure, this aspect is absolutely interesting especially when you are the one who is the part of today’s selfie culture.

Well, those are some details about Honor Magic 2 that you may want to buy. You can choose one of three available colors including gradient black, gradient red, and gradient blue. To buy the handheld, you will need to pay around 550 EUR or about 627 USD. For sure, you have the chance to compare this product with others on the market by reading the reviews of some models such as Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite and Lenovo Z5 Pro. Therefore, we suggest you to keep exploring our website to get more information and reviews on various gadgets just to make sure that you know which to consider before making any decision.

Nov 052018

Tips on How to Install Printer Driver for Mac Easily

If you need to download and install a printer driver for Mac, we need to tell you that basically, it is easy to do especially when you have a new printer that has supported Apple AirPrint feature. In this case, you do not need to install additional drivers on your Mac PC. However, you may have an older printer that does not have the feature so that you need to install the driver in your PC. Well, here you go to install the printer driver on Mac.

How to Install Printer Driver for Mac

Installing printer driver for Mac is relatively easy. What you need to do is connecting your printer to your Mac PC via USB port. Next, you will need to turn the printer on and let the computer detect your printer. If the PC has recognized your printer, you can select the Preferences from the Apple Menu. Next, you can select Print & Fax then you can click on the Printing tab.

You may find that your printer does not appear on the list and printer driver Is unavailable error appears. One of the possible reasons is that your printer is a newly released model so that your PC has not had any communication with it. For this, you will need to download the printer driver that you can install later in your PC. We need to remind you that you should go to a trusted website to download the printer driver for Mac you need. The best option must be the official website to minimize the risk of getting unwanted malware of viruses. In addition, the procedure needed for installing the driver software may vary depending on the printer manufacturer and model. In this case, you absolutely need to be specific when you search for the downloadable file you need to install in your Mac PC.

Besides the installation via USB, you can also install the printer driver through your network. In this case, you need to make sure that you have shared the printer on your network. To deal with this method, you can go to System Preferences. Next, select Printing. Under the Print & Fax, click the plus (+) button. Next, you can select the Default Browser. Finally, your PC will make a connection to your printer. When the connection has been made, you can simply click the Add button to add your printer.

Well, those are some steps that you need to know when you want to install the printer driver for Mac. We have more pieces of information regarding printer drivers and their installation processes. Please explore our pages to get more.

Jun 202018

What Will You Choose from Play Store?

Android is one of a popular smartphone system. You can easily find more than a thousand Android users. Some users recommended using this smartphone since it can take more capacity so that more applications can be installed well. Year by year, Android released the newest version with a fresh system. In that situation, it gives more chance for the users to save more applications on their Android for daily use. For the basic concept of smartphone nowadays is effectivity. For one thing, you can get everything that you need. That is why Android nowadays have better system and innovation which will let the users do their tasks in the easiest ways.

The Essential Application that Should be Installed in Your Android

Out of more than a thousand applications on Play Store, actually, you will only need to install some different applications at once. Here are the applications that will be needed the most but still can be accessed easily from your Android smartphone.:

  • Email Application

If you are a mobile person or even just get busy with a received email, so having email application on your Android is a must. Actually, you will get an automatic notification if there is a coming email to your account. At the first, you will only get two big email which is Google and Yahoo. In contrast, there are more email applications which are available, You can download one of them.

  • Google Drive

Besides email, it is highly recommended to back up your data. Cloud system is one of the ways to save or back up your data. Fortunately, it is not available on PC. You can even download for your Android which will let you have easy access anywhere and anytime. Like the Google Mail application, Google Drive also can be accessed with an internet connection. The display is not too different from its mail so it is easy to use.

  • Evernote

If you are a mobile person and you need to get a digital note, so Evernote is one of the must-downloaded application. Moreover, there is a to-do-list feature which will let you to get the easy schedule on your smartphone. You do not need a big agenda from now on. In one smartphone, you can list as much as you can without having more weight to bring it out.

  • Facebook Messenger

Who does not know Facebook? One of the most popular social media becomes even more popular nowadays. If you like to get in touch with your friends through this social media, so it is highly recommended to download Facebook Messenger. This application will help you to get an easier access to chat with all your friends on Facebook. The friendly-used application is helping the user much. So, you do not need to open its application then having more steps for each chat room. Like another kind of messenger, you can access it directly.

  • Netflix

You do not only need the application for your business. You can even get the entertainment on a smartphone. If you like to watch a movie, so you need to download a streaming application. Nowadays, there are a lot of streaming applications. One of the recommended ones is Netflix. This application has more than thousands of movies and other TV shows. You can find your favorite programs and watch it anywhere and anytime. So, you do not need to worry that you will miss the TV program that you like the most. However, make sure that you have a strong internet connection to access this streaming application.

  • Spotify

Besides watching movies, listening to music also becomes one of the most popular hobbies. Before, you need to save the music files that you like to listen to your smartphone. It takes more time for you, of course, since you need to download them first then transfer it to your gadget. However, you can easily be streaming the music that you like. By signing in to your account, Spotify will help you to listen to more music in every genre in the world limitless. As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream the music from your favorite artist in one touch.

Safest Tips to Choose the Android Application

Recently, there are a lot of Android applications which are available on Play Store. So, here are the easy way to choose the right one:

  • Choose Between Free and Paid Applications

In Play Store, there are two types of applications which are free and paid. If you still do not need the features which need to be paid so you can get the free one.  Both of them have no different actually beside their features.

  • Choose What You Need the Most

Choosing the applications based on your needs is important. It is the easy way to choose the right one. So, are you a person who uses the Android for business only, entertainment only or both.

May 252018

The Various Free Software To Support Your Performance

When we learning information and communication technology for the first time, so the term of hardware and software will always to be the topic. Because both are the basic knowledge about computers. Hardware or known as hardware is all parts of the computer that can be physically seen, touched and held. For example. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, CPU, and many more. One of the websites that provide the free software is FileHippo. In contrast, software is intangible because it is a set of codes that are installed into the computer. Both hardware and software play an important role in the computerized system and both need each other.

What is software? the software is a computer program that has the function to connect the hardware and users. It can also be defined as an application composed of a set of programming language codes. According to other sources, software is a data that was programmed and stored intangible and digitally., but is on a computer. Another opinion mention that the software is a collection of data electronic in the form of instructions or programs that are managed and stored by a computer. The software itself is made by a programmer with the certain language of programming which are then compiled to become a code that can be recognized by the hardware. It is made to facilitate the work of a human, for example, to create documents, calculate, process images, and so on.

The Function Of Software

In helping the operation of a computer system, the software has special functions. The first function of the software is to manage various hardware devices to work simultaneously. The second function is to become a liaison between other software and hardware. As an interpreter of every other software command into the machine language, so that it can be accepted by the hardware. And the last function of the software is to identify the program. To run the function of software, the creators make software to be some kinds that have their functions itself. Some software is free that you may get in FileHippo.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is software for automatically processing data including basic calculations, graphic creations, the use of functions, and data management. This software is very helpful to solve administrative problems ranging from the simple problem until the most complex problem. These simple problems, for example, make plans for the needs of goods, including the name of the goods, the number of items and the estimated price of the goods.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application program for data processing that is commonly used to create reports, create later labels, create newspaper documents, create tables on documents, and others.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft power point is the name of the software that is used for presentation and also called the presentation program which developed by Microsoft corp. This software was launched officially on May 22, 1990, as part of The Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.


AutoCAD is CAD computer software for drawing 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions developed by Autodesk. The AutoCAD product family, as a whole, is the most widely used CAD software in the world.

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger actually removes and detects such Malware Fake Alert and also threats that is analyzed in List of virus section in the application itself.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is free software that allows everyone from business professionals to home users to easily and reliably view, search, and print PDF files using a variety of platforms and frames.

Windows Internet Explorer

Windows Internet Explorer is a free web browser and free software that you may get in FileHippo from Microsoft. And is included in every release of the Microsoft Windows operating system since 1995. Initially, Internet Explorer was released as part of Plus package for Windows 95.

Power DVD

Power DVD copy, easy to use DVD copy software, simplifies the copying process, allowing direct access to all functions. Users simply choose the source of the content, the destination, and click Copy.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office Outlook is a personal information manager program from Microsoft and part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although usually only used to send and read emails, this program also has calendar functions, notes, work schedules, and journals. When used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook can provide access to mailboxes, shared schedules, and calendars.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a relational computer database application program that used to create, design, and process the various types of data with large capacity.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source web browser that developed by Google by using the WebKit rendering engine. The open source project itself is called Chromium.

Macromedia FreeHand

Macromedia FreeHand is a computer application for creating two-dimensional vector graphic that use of geometric symbols such as dots, arches, lines, and polygons to represent images, oriented to the professional desktop marketing. Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator itself is a vector graphic is a computer graphic image arranged based on simple geometric shapes with mathematical equations.

Apple Macintosh

This is a superior operating system in terms of graphics. Requires special hardware so it cannot be installed on a normal computer.


Winamp is free freeware that you may get in FileHippo Download that has basic functions for playing music and video. However, with the right plugin, we can turn the music player to become a multipurpose program for exchanging music on the internet, operating TV, copying CD, and other jobs. Which is not impossible and all are free.

May 042018

The Benefits Of Store Software For Your Business

The development of social media and the people’s need for interesting food makes the restaurant, coffee shop, and cafe business grow rapidly in recent years. There are so many important things that you need to pay attention to when starting this business, one of which is the Point of Sale Software. Sale software is the one of computer software that has a function to sell the product.

Sales Software

However, what is the point of sale software itself? Although its role is quite important in the business world, but no many people who run a business understand about this system. POS or Point of Sales is a system that used to conduct the retail sales transactions, such as in restaurant or cafes. Generally, the equipment used in a POS system is a set of computers and cash register. However, at this time the computer can be replaced by a smart tablet. Using the Android operating system that is more efficient, o you no need a wired device or wireless. If you don’t have the cash register or Point of Sale for business, so you may able to try using Point of Sales software in your business.

To Reduce The Risk Of Human Error

The first benefits from store software are to prevent the human error. Human error is one of the common risks when managing a restaurant business manually. Manually recording all sales and inventories is very risky with the possibility of an input error. Some input errors can be in the form of writing the price incorrectly in the receipt, writing the costumer’s name incorrectly, writing the quantity of the order, and so on.

These mistakes can be avoided if your restaurant business uses computerized Point of Sales (POS) software. Digital system using the Point of Sale software will make things easier and more effective. The variety of possible risks of errors also become lower, because everything is done by a computer system.

Reduce The Potential Fraud Of Management

The second benefits of using store software is to reduce the potential losses caused by the fraud of management. One of the required jobs can be done by theft by the employee itself. By using the computerized point of sale software, you can browse and find out all the costs of your restaurant business. You can find out the detail of the costs from the purchasing of raw materials to suppliers, salary fees, until the selling food and drinks.

This all is packaging in one software. Point of Sale software is computerized and will also reduce cheating costs because it will be easier and can be monitored in real time. In addition, computerized Point of Sale software can also help you in calculating stock, so that the supply of foodstuff that you buy can suit your business needs.

To Improve The Efficiency Of Business

In addition to estimating your food supply requirements to suit their sales, through computerized Point of Sale software, you can also increase the efficiency of your restaurant. The Point of Sale or POS software will help you to make list the foods and drinks that customer orders faster and more accurately. All can be done by your employees without the hassle of writing in books, your costumers don’t have to wait long because of the length of the queue to make payment transactions. This is the reason why a computerized Point of Sale is very necessary for your restaurant business.

To Help You To Know The Return Of Investment

Analyzing the sales of various foods and beverages menus, from the less desirable to the best selling in a restaurant business are other important tips for understanding your business demand and income estimates. By doing this analysis, you can monitor the unit costs and analyze the need for food stocks, both those that need be deducted.

In addition, you may also delete some foods and beverages menus that are less attractive to visitors. You can track all the data of sales by viewing the results of the sales report through the Point of Sales software. The sales result analysis process will also help you to find out the percentage of profit for each business segment, the performance of individual branches in each location, as well as the effectiveness of the most successful promotional strategies in your business. That way, you can compare the Return on Investment (ROI) of your business for a certain period of time easily and accurately.

To Increase The Accuracy Of Each Transaction

One of the promotional tricks that can be done to market your business is to provide sales discounts. However, what if this price reduction actually causes inconsistencies in selling prices between locations and theft by unscrupulous employees? Don’t worry, because the computerized Point of Sale software can help you to update while tracking the selling price of several branches of your business location at once.

You can track and access data anywhere and without having to go back and check it one by one. Any promotions, discounts, and prizes can be tracked accurately and indicated by each of these promotions can be obtained every day. Real-time price tracking as it is done is impossible without the help of computerized Point of Sale software.

Helping Customer Analysis

Computerized Point of Sale software also has the ability to store basic customer data, such as names and contact information. This data can help you to personalize the dining experience at your restaurant. By collecting customer information, you can find out where loyal customers are and anticipate their orders.