Jul 112020

With the development of technology, people can now log their meals and track the nutrition that their body has consumed. These days, the best apps for nutrition tracking will help track the nutrition of foods you have eaten each day. Therefore, you can see whether your body has consumed over or less of nutrition and keeps your body healthy.

The concept of nutrition tracking is inputting the food you eat that day, starting from breakfast to dinner. Once you have inputted the food, you will get information about the amount of nutrition you have consumed. For example, the calories, carbs, fats, protein, sodium, and sugar that is in the food will all be informed.

If you are planning to start clean eating or want to lose some weight, it is best to download these apps. These apps will help you count the number of calories and carbs you eat in each food. Therefore, you know when to stop and start eating healthier foods. To help you do this, download these best apps for nutrition tracking that you can download on your mobile phone:

1. MyFitnessPal


One of the best apps for nutrition tracking that is very popular and used by many people is MyFitnessPal. Before starting the app, you will have to input information about your health condition like your height and weight. It will also ask you the purpose of using the app, such as losing weight or just controlling your daily meal. Because this will determine your daily goal in the future.

2. Lifesum


If you are planning on a diet and need some motivation with your plan, then download Lifesum. This app not only helps you track your meal but also suggests the food you should consume. They also inform the composition of nutrition in each recommended food, therefore you know which food to eat. Lifesum also has a community that features regular health and fitness challenges to support one another.

3. MyNetDiary


MyNetDiary is one of the best apps for nutrition tracking that will accompany your diet. At the beginning of the app, you will have to set your target and choose the weekly weight loss rate you want. You can also choose the type of diet you want to apply such as the Keto Diet or Paleo diet. Also, if you use a smartwatch, you can connect the watch to this app to see your movement.

4. Lose It!

Lose It!

Keep track of what you eat and exercise with Lose It!, an app that will help you with your diet and target. Whatever kind of method you use, the app is capable of helping keep track of the calories you consume. To make it easier for you, you can take photos of your food and the app will count the calories.

5. HealthyOut


For those who like to eat out but still want to count their calories should download HealthyOut. This app will inform you of restaurants that provide healthy foods and the calories in most of the menus. But, do not expect fast-food restaurants to be in their lists.

Tracking your food has never been easier than today with the help of these best apps for nutrition tracking. Most of these apps are also free, so you can easily download them on your mobile phone. So, stay healthy and fit by keeping track of what you consume.

Feb 252020

Tips On How To Download Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks

To be able to access and use Android apps on computers or laptops, people should use an Android emulator. One of the best emulators that people could download and use is Bluestacks. It is a great option not only to access Android apps but also to Android special games. Moreover, people would not need to add any specific feature using this app. The options on how to download Bluestacks is also easy, whether for Windows or Mac.

There are also other reasons why people often use Bluestacks. People would also be able to access some apps in a better performance. Starting from faster performance, up to the great quality of the display.  Before downloading it, there are also some things that people must know. To know it, here are some tips on how to download this application on the computer or laptop.

Tips On How To Download Bluestacks

1. Check Out on the Requirements

Before getting the Bluestacks app on to the computer or laptop. The first tip on how to download Bluestacks, people must first check out on the app’s requirement. There are some minimum requirements on the device to download and use the app. Starting from the device’s processor, the RAM, the free disk space, the graphic on the computer. Moreover, remember that they should also be the administrator on the computer. Once the computer is capable, they could next download the app

2. Download the App

Now for the steps on how to download Bluestacks. People could simply get the app by downloading it from the internet browser. Unlike other apps, people could get it for free directly from its official website. Access the web on www.bluestacks.com and go to the downloading tab. There are two versions that people could download. Moreover, there are also some other versions whether for mac and also windows.

3. Install the App

Install Bluestacks

After downloading the app, people could not use the app directly first. The next steps on how to download Bluestacks are to install the app first before using it. The app shortcut would also not appear yet on the desktop. Find the app on the download file or simply type the Bluestacks on the searching box. Open the file and install the app with the following steps. As a suggestion, click on the “Customize Installation” on the installation. After that, let the computer install the app for a few minutes.

4. Prepare for the Usage

Once the app is installed, people should still do some things before using it. The next tips on how to download Bluestacks is to sign in into our google account. It is then used to access Google Play. People would need to access google store because they would then download Android apps for further activities.

5. Ready to Use

Once people have downloaded google play on Bluestacks, they are then ready to use it. They could search the app they want, by typing the app on the top left. After that, simply download the app and use it.

So those are the tips and steps on how to download Bluestacks. People could get the app for free and easily from the official web. Moreover, they could now access their Android apps more comfortably on the PC. Also, if you’re contemplating on is Bluestacks safe, then the answer is yes.

Feb 132020

How To Check RAM Speed, Type, And Size Easily

Random Access Memory, or simply said as RAM is an important part of your device. No matter if it is a laptop, smartphones, or other devices, like a printer. It is a place where the operating system (OS), program, and all data are saved. The processor will be faster to get those things from RAM than from the other storage, such as hard disk drive (HDD). So, knowing how to check RAM speed, type, and size is necessary. It will relate to your convenience in using your device.

If you are still confused about the role of RAM for your device, let’s imagine your device is a human. So, RAM is a part of the human brain to store temporary data. It is a “short-term memory” brain part, while Hard Disk Drive the long-term memory one. That is why the processor is easier to access RAM because it focuses on immediate work and only able to keep limited data. In order to find the details of your RAM details, here are steps you need to know about how to check RAM speed, type, and size:

How To Check RAM Speed, Type, And Size on Windows, Mac, Android & Linux

1. Check on Windows 10

Check RAM on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, it is easier to access the RAM details. For the fast way, you get the RAM size by right-clicking on the taskbar, then choose Task Manager. Click More Details, then click again on the Performance tab. Click on Memory and see the size number there. There you will see how much your computer has. While to check the type and speed, here you need to install a program called CPU-Z, it will help you to analyze the system.

2. Check on the Older Windows Version

Today there are still people who use the older version than Windows 10. it is okay, you are still able to check the RAM speed, type, and size. Go to the desktop, then press Windows Key + R. The Run box will appear, then type “dxdiag” and click OK. There will be a pop-up window with some information inside. Find the Memory part, that is how much you have. Just like in Windows 10, you also need a third party program here to find out its type and speed.

3. Check on Mac

When you are using a Mac, the step is much simpler. It is as simple as you click the Apple logo and go to “About This Mac”. This part is like a bio of your Mac. All the information you might need is there, including the RAM details and the processor’s details. The pop-up window shows you Mac’s processor name and speed, also with the memory details too.

4. Check on Android

Android is the most used by people recently. You might be one of them who owns the Android gadget. Thus, if you want to know the details of your device’s RAM, you can follow these steps. First, go to Android’s Settings menu, then, scroll down until you find About Phone. Tap on that option and find Build Number, then tap 7 times there. Once you change into the developer, back to the Settings and choose Developer Options. Tap Running Services to find the details you need. However, the steps can be simpler by installing the third-party program.

5. Check on Linux

Besides Windows, Linux is also popular among people. If you want to check the RAM details here, you need to know several commands. Then you can access the details you need. So, if you are not familiar with any commands, you ask for help for this. Or, you can explore more about the command needed so you can get what you want to know, for example, dmidecode.command.

There are various ways to check RAM speed, type, and size. Because each device has a certain part or flow for the user. It is better for you to understand very well what device you use, so you can easily find any information needed.

Oct 242019

Lemongrass For Weight Loss, How To Consume It

Lemongrass For Weight Loss

As we know, lemongrass has tons of benefits for health and medicinal. In this case, it’s such a good call to have lemongrass plant in your garden. So, once you know how to cultivate and how to harvest lemongrass, you’ll get tons of its benefits much easier. Moreover, lemongrass for weight loss is one of the most popular benefits. In other words, lemongrass can be beneficial for them who aim to lose weight.

In this case, lemongrass contains friendly properties that help detox your body and speed your metabolism up. So, it makes sense if you consume lemongrass to lose weight—at least anecdotally. This article will explain further about the properties that lemongrass contains, also how to process it for weight loss.

Lemongrass Benefits for Weight Loss

If we’re talking about the lemongrass for weight loss, we better start with its low-calorie. Indeed, lemongrass is known for its low calories. In this case, low calories can help to whittle down the use of fat and sugar. As a result, you can still save some calories and that’s a good start to lose your weight.

Also, losing weight with lemongrass shown from its diuretic effect. It helps you to get all the excess wastes off from your body. So, after you consume the lemongrass to lose weight, you might feel like you urinate more often. In this case, you also need to drink more water to prevent dehydration. Then, your body only focuses on beneficial nutrients for your metabolism.

How To Consume Lemongrass For Weight Loss

Most people often get the lemongrass for weight loss effect by making it as drinks. Thus, besides the low calories and diuretic effect, consuming a lemongrass drink can also help with your digestion. As a result, all of the calories will be wasted efficiently if you have good digestion. Then, the lemongrass drink will make your stomach stay full longer. Here below is one way you can make the drink:


  • 1 stalk of lemongrass (3 grams)
  •  ½ limes
  • 3 cups of water


  • Cut the lemongrass into 4 pieces per stalk (lengthwise), and crush it. Then, cut limes in half.
  • Next, boil the water in a pan. After it boiled, add the pieces of lemongrass and the limes. You can also add some tea if you prefer.
  • After that, let it boils and wait until only one cup of water left in the pan (approximately 10 minutes). Also, boil it in low-medium heat so the water can absorb the nutrients well. You can add no-calorie sugar or any other sweetener if you prefer the sweet taste.
  • Now, strain the liquid into a glass and serve it. Consume this lemongrass drink at most one cup (200 ml) a day for your weight loss.

So, the lemongrass drink can be a good addition to your healthy diet if it consumed wisely. That said, you can also make another variation of lemongrass for weight loss. Remember, never consume lemongrass in high doses. According to research, consuming more than 8 grams of lemongrass daily can cause negative impacts on glomerular filtration. For more safety, you can talk to a doctor about this matter. 

Jun 052019

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw

Some people think that the HP printer is suitable for office use. The price is also more affordable compared to the other brand with the same specification. HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw is one of HP products that give you a superior output. The other details will be explained further here.

Known as the multifunction printer, HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw supports for printing, copying, and scanning. The MFP makes you finish your tasks faster than before. Also, it is easily managed by using its MFP. Let see more details about this beautiful device:

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw Features

  1. Appearance and Dimensions

The device is created as a beautiful white printer. You will find the square screen display on the front side. It is a touch screen one where you can set and control the printer. Also, there is the tray below the screen. So, you can easily input the paper once it ran out.

The dimension is 32.3 x 39 x 42 cm (height x depth x width), and its weight is about 13kgs. Considering its dimensions, the printer is still good for your interior, whether in the corner or on the side of your table.

  1. Paper Tray

Every printer has its standard capacity, so does for this printer. The input capacity is up to 250-sheet, while for the upper tray (Automatic Document Feeder) is 35-sheet. It is a quite large capacity for a small business or home project use. For the output tray, it can deal with up to 150-sheets.

The tray supports various paper size, but its maximum size is A4/legal. To make your work more efficient, this printer is an automatic duplex printing. It could save up to 50% of your paper use later.

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw Ink Cartridge

  1. Printing and Scanning Quality

You will not be disappointed by its professional result. The resolution for printing is up to 1200 x 1200 DPI with a speed of 38 ppm. For the scanning resolution is a little bit lower, which is limited to 600 x 600 DPI for the colorful document. You can choose any file you want, it could be JPG, PDF, PNG, etc.

To keep the printer performance, HP recommends you a monthly volume usage. The number is 750 – 4000 pages per month. But however, HP supports you with a 1-year limited warranty for certain problems happen.

  1. Connectivity

You can enjoy various connectivity from HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw. It supports to connect to the Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB port. For further convenience, you can download the HP software. It allows you to configure the device with your e-mail. This app also helps you to easily scan and directly send to your e-mail. Or perhaps you want to print and copy any document from a mobile device, just do it thou.

  1. Setup

Comes from a big brand, it is easy to set up the printer. There is an instruction manual inside the box to follow. Start from the very basic to operate the printer, until steps to download the software for your PC. Once you download the software, it could be used for Windows and iOS system operation.

Once you set HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw in wireless connectivity, you can make a shared use. It is possible for up to five users. So here this printer really supports your high productivity.

Get the right printer could be a factor for your success. HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426dw is remarkable as a superb mono laser printer. Besides its high-performance result, the device is also user-friendly. When it is operating, you will find a smooth and quite printing.

Apr 262019

When it comes to using Windows 10, you will be presented by the new capability on how to clear clipboard Windows 10. It is one of the new clipboard experiences that have been developed to overcome the limitations. This development is due to the quick changing of the way we create the content. Thus, the new clipboard experience is introduced.

The common way to access the new experience is to use the Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. However, if you like to use the Windows key + V keyboard shortcut, you will be able to access the new clipboard experience along with your history.

It might seem simple to access clipboard history just like you access on Android. However, it is still necessary to remove or delete the items out of your list. Thus, the new experience offers more than one way to do so.

3 Best Ways on How to Clear Clipboard Windows 10

  • How to Clear Clipboard History on Windows 10

This is the first way you have to carry out to clear the clipboard history particularly when the items synched across the devices. In this case, you are allowed to open Settings and click on System. Afterward, tap on Clipboard. When you see “Clear clipboard data”, please “Clear” button. If you completed these steps, the items stored in your computer are already removed.

  • How to Clear Clipboard History on Windows 10 Completely

The second way of how to clear clipboard Windows 10 is to do the complete clearance. To absolutely clear the clipboard Windows 10 including the pinned items, you must open Settings, click on System and tap on Clipboard. The final step is to turn off the option Save multiple items.

If have finished completing the procedure above, you can directly turn on the toggle switch again to clean the clipboard completely. In this case, you must remember that although the feature is disabled, the classic copy and paste functions remain active.

  • How to Clear Clipboard History Items Individually

The last but not least way of how to clear clipboard Windows 10 is to clear the clipboard history items individually. This is very suitable to delete or remove only a few items. This way, you may use Windows key + V to open the clipboard. Next, select the item then tap on delete (x) button located on the top right corner of your screen.

Once you have successfully finished these steps, the system will only delete the items you want to delete out of your clipboard history. As an alternative, you can also choose Clear All button that you can find on the top right corner of the clipboard experience. This way, you use Windows key + V.


In conclusion, the three ways of how to clear clipboard Windows 10 is quite practicable and considered well-done. However, if you find it doesn’t work out, it’s probably because you are not running Windows 10 version that noticeably supports this feature. The capability of new clipboard experience has been available since the latest update of Windows 10. Read also: How to clear clipboard on Android.

Apr 012019

4 Best Ways How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

Finding your laptop hot while gaming is not actually a pleasant experience. Thus, you need to know how to keep a laptop cool while gaming. Moreover, knowing the laptop hot will make you think fast ho to cool it down.

Without consuming much more times, take a look at the 4 best ways to cool your laptop down.

Best Ways How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

  • Find a Hard and Flat Surface

The first thing to do dealing with the way to cool down your hot laptop is to find a hard and flat surface to place your laptop. It would be better if you use the flat surface from the beginning use. Commonly, to play the game comfortably, children or youth like to bring their laptop onto the bed and place it on a pillow. Well, it is totally wrong and may cause damage to the laptop. What about the floor? It is hard and flat, isn’t it? No, you can’t either put your laptop on the floor surface although it is flat. It is because the floor tends to collect dust particles easily. It may harm your laptop, too. So, the best place to put on your laptop is the table.

  • Clean Out the Dust

The second way on how to keep a laptop cool while gaming is to clean the dust. Dust is one of the causes of excessive hot laptop. To get rid of the dust well, you need to purchase a bottle of compressed air and spray it over the laptop. Clean all the external parts of the laptop by spraying and wiping the laptop using the soft and smooth cloth. In this case, don’t forget to carry out this way when your laptop is in off position. Well, it is much recommended that before playing the game, you firstly clean out all the dust and find the flat surface to place your laptop.

  • Purchase A Stand

There are many kinds of laptop’s stands coming with a fan in which the function is to cool down the laptop or to keep the laptop cool while using it. You can just come to a laptop accessories shop to find it since it is available in the markets so that you will easily find it.

  • Adjust The Laptop Settings

Adjusting the laptop settings is the next way you can try dealing with the way how to keep the laptop cool while gaming. In this case, you have to make sure that your laptop is set up to manage a heavy graphics load. You don’t have to update some software unnecessarily unless they don’t work fine. You can also lower the screen’s brightness, unplug the USB power device and close the idle apps that may hog up the CPU time. These activities will also be much helpful to keep your laptop cool while you are playing the games.


Finally, you may come to the conclusion that you need to know how to keep the laptop cool while gaming especially if you are playing the game more frequently. Keep your laptop cool is one of the ways to save the laptop out of the damage.

Mar 232019

5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features You Can Consider

Did you know that Adobe Photoshop CS5 is one of the most popular versions of the CS series of Photoshop software? Installing this version won’t be disappointing due to its ability to work and create with PSD files and layers.

Although there are some newer versions developed such as CC, however, the previous ones such as CS5 are still very helpful and useful. CS5 has simplified workspace despite lots of tools possessed. This is one of the greatness that the software has dealing with the ability to enable as well as disable the different Windows on the workspace. This is actually based on necessity.

To ensure you that Adobe Photoshop CS5 still gives out a considerable contribution, here are the 5 selected features we are going to review.

5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features

  • Layers Panel

Dealing with the software ability, CS5 comes with the layers panel to allow you to create, move or remove the layers which are the powerful concept offered by the software. The ability to create, moving and removing the layers are much dealing with the graphics editor. Thus, if you want to edit the graphics, you can optimize the layers panel feature.

  • Learning Curve

The second feature offered by Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the learning curve. Learning curve feature has the power to enable you to master the basic concepts. Although it is considered slow, it won’t be a big matter since you can find the tutorials telling you how to create a beautiful and professional design for some web pages you may go on the project.

  • Automatic Image Straightening

Another feature you can optimally use is the automatic image straightening. This feature is very good to save a 16-bit image in JPEG files and the rule-of-thirds cropping tool you can find in the color pick up. Now let’s infer in mind that image straightening can save the disk space.

  • Adobe Mini Bridge

Added by adobe mini bridge feature, Adobe Photoshop CS5 will allow you to easily operate the software. This feature is the complete image browsing and management system included in CS5 version in which the features are all completely there and completed by the video editing and 3D. In other words, the adobe mini bridge feature is the bridge to the easiness of software usage along with the extended versions.

  • Other Key Features

Besides added by the basic features mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop CS5 has also some other key features including:

– Free download that allows you to download the software a hundred percent freely.
– Enhance and improved seamless workflow so that you can have a better result of the image product.
– 3D tool along with After Effects to enable you to add the effects as well as create the 3D image.
– Enhanced Camera RAW to allow you to take a better picture.


Overall, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is quite considerable to install soon on your computer. Designed as one of the most popular software, CS5 presents the ability to work with PSD files and layers. The features offered are all functioned well to support you use the software well without restriction.

Mar 172019

[Answer] Why Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Pop! It is suddenly black out! Sometimes it happens to your computer restarts when playing games. Feeling so sucks because you must wait for couple minutes to turn back to the game. It must be confusing. You think that your PC is okay. Never shut when you run the game before. Have you ever faced this?

Finally, you start to blame the antivirus. You assume that the virus annoys your PC. Then you get the antivirus updated. Well, you might be right. Because if the computer restarts when playing games can also be caused by the virus. But that is not always true.

Why Computer Restarts When Playing Games

There are other possibilities why your PC gets a reboot by its own:

  • Check Your Power Supply (PSU)

It is good to start checking your power supply (PSU). Your PC might be overheating while you are gaming. It becomes unstable, so your PC has its system to restart by itself. It needs to cool down for a while. Usually, a PC is designed by one exhaust fan. That is okay, but you need more for the high – performance work. More fans will make a good airflow and hold the heat increased.

Talking about the heat. After you ensure the fans work well, it is important to monitor the temperature too. Every PC is different, so you can monitor your PC in various ways. Install a suitable application. Tools like this will also help you to monitor the temperature on other components.

  • Defective RAM

Defective RAM

This can be the root of why your computer restarts when playing games. Just like on point 1, RAM is possible to get overheat too. Once your PC gets a high temperature, it will affect another component, including RAM. You should check the physically too. Maybe you find a crack or damaged surface on it.

Shut down your PC, then unplug your RAM. It is easy to take out and just pull carefully. If you are confident enough your RAM is good, put it back. Make sure it is locked properly on its slot. You can also analyze RAM problem through the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Run the application and follow the instruction to get the result.

  • Is Your VGA Okay?

Another culprit of this case is your VGA. When something is wrong with VGA, the computer can suddenly restart. If you have not updated your VGA while you are enjoying every new brand game, be prepared for this. You cannot use the outdated VGA for several new games. Make sure it is properly used for the game you enjoy.

Still from the heat issue. Your VGA might be affected by this matter too. This is so relevant to make a problem. Try to clean your VGA and clean from every dust. If needed, you can open PC chasing just in case you VGA has a good circulation.

  • Diagnose Your Processor

We hope you are not in this trouble. The damage of the processor will cost you a lot. One of the symptoms your processor damaged is the computer restarts repeatedly. It cannot stay for a long time. So, if the computer restarts when playing games could be the beginning of the symptoms. Open your PC and check the heat. Yes, again, heat issue.

When you already unplugged the processor, try to see its surface. If you find a burnt spot, it means you processor just had an overheating. The electricity cut off, so your PC has not any supply to run. By the end, the only thing you can do is changing the processor. After that, keep your PC on the proper temperature.

If you are the newbie or just a having – fun – gamer, we recommend you ask any professional. Your computer restarts when playing games seem like a simple problem. But do not underestimate this matter. More than that, it could affect your other system, application, and hardware.

Feb 272019

Smadav Pro Features, What to Expect from It?

Smadav Antivirus Pro

What’s so special about Smadav Pro features, anyway? You are probably thinking about choosing Smadav Pro as your professional antivirus program, especially for your computer and your system. The question now is: What can you gain from the program? What can you expect from it? How do you view the features?

A Glimpse of Smadav

Smadav is claimed to be one of the best additional antivirus software that can be paired together with the main protection system. Despite its benefits, Smadav can’t be used as the main antivirus system because some of its flaws. Not only it lacks in some of the most important protective elements, the software has its own limitation in detecting malware and other suspicious files or folders.

However, if you use Smadav as an extra protection program, then your computer has a higher chance of protecting itself quite well. The main protection system will provide security coverage to the entire system while Smadav can provide the extra protection to the external devices, such as the USB flash drive.

Smadav Pro in General

Smadav Free is the free service offered by Smadav for their users who don’t want to spend a dime. It’s a pretty generous action from Smadav, right? But you need to remember that free service usually comes with limited features and benefits. Yes, you can enjoy the service and yes, some people may think of it as enough.

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

However, some people may want advanced features. They are looking for better and also wider coverage of protective elements to safeguard their system from harm. For this matter, the Pro version is created – along with Smadav Pro 2020 features.

So, what are the Smadav Pro features that you will find useful and enjoyable?

  • It provides an automatic update so you won’t have to do it manually. It removes the hassle and the problem of managing regular update
  • Since it can provide an auto-update, you won’t deal with the annoying update notification message. Some people may not have any problem with it but some do.
  • You can expect a more regular update – faster and more efficient than the free service. In the free version, the update takes place once in every 4 to 6 months. With the Pro version, you can expect a monthly update. Because of this, you can expect better protection.
  • You can make use of the service for commercial or business use. This is certainly important when you have a business
  • You can change the display theme or color which will make a personalized look and attractive appearance.

Aside from these features, you can still enjoy a lot of perks, such as exception list, profit usage permit, anti ransomware benefit, app protection, and so much more. Yes, you will have to pay extra but then again, you can also enjoy the extra perks.

There are some things to consider when choosing an antivirus. Do you need Smadav Free or Smadav Pro? Do you want Smadav or other antivirus programs? As long as you have understood Smadav Pro features, you should be able to make a better decision.