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5 Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

Keto diet is a common type of diet that requires a small number of carbohydrates in a set of menus. One of the successful keto diet habits needs persistence. So, there are five best apps for keto diet for beginners that help you with your consistency in doing the diet:

1. Carb Manager

Carb Manager

This is the first best app for keto diet beginners. Yes, Carb Manager is one of the applications that get good reviews from Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, CNBC Media, and many else. Carb Manager delivers the essential information for the user on how to manage the carbs intake to their body.

Carb Managers give information about the numbers of net carb and nutrients in a certain food. Also, it has a bunch of delicious keto diet menus and low carb food recipes so the users can eat well and healthy. After that, the users can create meal plans for a week using keto diet menus. Then, it has special features such as ketones and carb tracker.

2. MyMacros+


The second application for the keto diet is MyMacros+ or known as the MM+ app. This app helps you to give the exact number of nutrients that are important for a keto diet. The number of carbs is sometimes over-controlled so you need to control it using this app.

MyMacros+ works based on the number of nutrients from the meals the entire day. So, it helps you to avoid suffering from the diet. It is because when you know the number of nutrients, you can set the meal plans by using custom foods. The best thing for this app is it is available for android, iOS, Windows, and Web.

3. Senza


Senza is an application that helps you to get information about the nutrients from the current menus to diet menus. So, it makes you feel like doing the current diet when you know the number of nutrients that you got. This app will calculate total carb, calories, and nutrients from your meals.

The journal feature in Senza will track every gram of the ingredients from your meals. So, it seems like you have a personal nutritionist in your gadget.

4. Total Keto Diet

Total Keto Diet

Total Keto Diet is an application suitable for beginners. This application has features that are needed for beginners such as carb calculators, nutrients trackers, and food nutrients databases. It helps the user to get the low carb food recipes and meal plans based on keto diet instruction.

So, you do not need to worry about starting a healthy diet. It is because a keto diet is not suffering like other diets. Then, there are hundreds of recipes of yummy diet menus.

5. PlateJoy


PlateJoy is an application that makes you have the experience to have a personal meal planning assistant on your gadget. The users can start a free trial then it continues with paid service starting from $8 per month. This application provides keto diet meal plans created by trustworthy nutritionists.

So, you can start your diet with one of the five best apps for keto diet here. You can try one by one then find a suitable app for you. Download all of it on free drivers and software.