Jul 112020

5 Best Apps for Nutrition Tracking to Help Your Diet

With the development of technology, people can now log their meals and track the nutrition that their body has consumed. These days, the best apps for nutrition tracking will help track the nutrition of foods you have eaten each day. Therefore, you can see whether your body has consumed over or less of nutrition and keeps your body healthy.

The concept of nutrition tracking is inputting the food you eat that day, starting from breakfast to dinner. Once you have inputted the food, you will get information about the amount of nutrition you have consumed. For example, the calories, carbs, fats, protein, sodium, and sugar that is in the food will all be informed.

If you are planning to start clean eating or want to lose some weight, it is best to download these apps. These apps will help you count the number of calories and carbs you eat in each food. Therefore, you know when to stop and start eating healthier foods. To help you do this, download these best apps for nutrition tracking that you can download on your mobile phone:

1. MyFitnessPal


One of the best apps for nutrition tracking that is very popular and used by many people is MyFitnessPal. Before starting the app, you will have to input information about your health condition like your height and weight. It will also ask you the purpose of using the app, such as losing weight or just controlling your daily meal. Because this will determine your daily goal in the future.

2. Lifesum


If you are planning on a diet and need some motivation with your plan, then download Lifesum. This app not only helps you track your meal but also suggests the food you should consume. They also inform the composition of nutrition in each recommended food, therefore you know which food to eat. Lifesum also has a community that features regular health and fitness challenges to support one another.

3. MyNetDiary


MyNetDiary is one of the best apps for nutrition tracking that will accompany your diet. At the beginning of the app, you will have to set your target and choose the weekly weight loss rate you want. You can also choose the type of diet you want to apply such as the Keto Diet or Paleo diet. Also, if you use a smartwatch, you can connect the watch to this app to see your movement.

4. Lose It!

Lose It!

Keep track of what you eat and exercise with Lose It!, an app that will help you with your diet and target. Whatever kind of method you use, the app is capable of helping keep track of the calories you consume. To make it easier for you, you can take photos of your food and the app will count the calories.

5. HealthyOut


For those who like to eat out but still want to count their calories should download HealthyOut. This app will inform you of restaurants that provide healthy foods and the calories in most of the menus. But, do not expect fast-food restaurants to be in their lists.

Tracking your food has never been easier than today with the help of these best apps for nutrition tracking. Most of these apps are also free, so you can easily download them on your mobile phone. So, stay healthy and fit by keeping track of what you consume.