Mar 012020

5 Best Routers For Streaming For Best Experience

The population’s preference for entertainment shifted compared to two decades ago. Even until the early 2000s, people preferred to watch TV or even go to the cinemas for their entertainment. But now, online streaming services are more thriving for their easy access. Therefore, here the list of the best router for streaming you can use to keep up with this condition:

1. NetGear R6400

NetGear R6400

The first best router for streaming is NetGear R6400. This dual router also can reduce interferences to make sure that you get your best experience while streaming. Featured with Next Generation Gigabit Wi-Fi technology, you can experience up to 1750Mbps speed.

This router has advanced features to maximize your streaming experience. From the high performing amplifiers and antennas to extend the coverage area, Beamforming+ technology, until smoother HD streaming. Another plus point is that R6400 is equipped with OpenVPN. Thus, you will have additional security and control for the connection.

2. Linksys EA7500 MAX-STREAM AC1900

Linksys EA7500 MAX-STREAM AC1900

Offering 3×3 AC-wireless technology, this router from Linksys will give you one of the best streaming experiences. Therefore, you can easily stream your favorite TV shows and movies in high quality with less lag or paralyze. Not to mention, it is also equipped with the Beamforming+ technology to specify the signal strength on specified devices.

With the Smart Wi-Fi software, you can manage the Wi-Fi remotely – even if you’re not connected to the router. But compared to the previous one mentioned here, this router is quite pricey. But with the advantages that you will get, this product is a good barter.



One thing that most people hate to stream in HD is because of the lag and paralyze experience that is hard to avoid. But with ASUS RT-AC88U, you can say goodbye to the lagging and paralyzing. Because this powerful router will give you the best streaming experience.

This router designed with four antennas to navigate the signal range and at the same time to stabilize it. Not to mention, this device is also equipped with numerous advantages with revolutionary hardware and innovative features. With eight Gigabit LAN ports that super fast, you have to pay for a high price to get this router.

4. TRENDnet AC3000

TRENDnet AC3000

If you wish for a tri-band performance, then turning to TRENDnet AC3000 will be the best choice. Although compared to the others from its class, this router might rank in the middle, but still pretty decent for 4K streaming. Not to mention, it can also perform until up to 3Gbps speed.

5. Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi

Alright, the Google Wi-Fi made it into the list just because of its simplicity in design but still has great coverage. But, for a wide range of usage and number of users, this router is lacking compared to the others mentioned. The good part is that you can easily set it up anytime and anywhere without any difficulties.

Those are the list of the best routers for streaming that you can try and just pick your preference from the list above. But if you need to check more reviews, you can take a look at Sylvia Juncosa – Best Product Review Site. There you will find more amazing reviews.