Oct 242019

Lemongrass For Weight Loss, How To Consume It

Lemongrass For Weight Loss

As we know, lemongrass has tons of benefits for health and medicinal. In this case, it’s such a good call to have lemongrass plant in your garden. So, once you know how to cultivate and how to harvest lemongrass, you’ll get tons of its benefits much easier. Moreover, lemongrass for weight loss is one of the most popular benefits. In other words, lemongrass can be beneficial for them who aim to lose weight.

In this case, lemongrass contains friendly properties that help detox your body and speed your metabolism up. So, it makes sense if you consume lemongrass to lose weight—at least anecdotally. This article will explain further about the properties that lemongrass contains, also how to process it for weight loss.

Lemongrass Benefits for Weight Loss

If we’re talking about the lemongrass for weight loss, we better start with its low-calorie. Indeed, lemongrass is known for its low calories. In this case, low calories can help to whittle down the use of fat and sugar. As a result, you can still save some calories and that’s a good start to lose your weight.

Also, losing weight with lemongrass shown from its diuretic effect. It helps you to get all the excess wastes off from your body. So, after you consume the lemongrass to lose weight, you might feel like you urinate more often. In this case, you also need to drink more water to prevent dehydration. Then, your body only focuses on beneficial nutrients for your metabolism.

How To Consume Lemongrass For Weight Loss

Most people often get the lemongrass for weight loss effect by making it as drinks. Thus, besides the low calories and diuretic effect, consuming a lemongrass drink can also help with your digestion. As a result, all of the calories will be wasted efficiently if you have good digestion. Then, the lemongrass drink will make your stomach stay full longer. Here below is one way you can make the drink:


  • 1 stalk of lemongrass (3 grams)
  •  ½ limes
  • 3 cups of water


  • Cut the lemongrass into 4 pieces per stalk (lengthwise), and crush it. Then, cut limes in half.
  • Next, boil the water in a pan. After it boiled, add the pieces of lemongrass and the limes. You can also add some tea if you prefer.
  • After that, let it boils and wait until only one cup of water left in the pan (approximately 10 minutes). Also, boil it in low-medium heat so the water can absorb the nutrients well. You can add no-calorie sugar or any other sweetener if you prefer the sweet taste.
  • Now, strain the liquid into a glass and serve it. Consume this lemongrass drink at most one cup (200 ml) a day for your weight loss.

So, the lemongrass drink can be a good addition to your healthy diet if it consumed wisely. That said, you can also make another variation of lemongrass for weight loss. Remember, never consume lemongrass in high doses. According to research, consuming more than 8 grams of lemongrass daily can cause negative impacts on glomerular filtration. For more safety, you can talk to a doctor about this matter.