Jan 092019

Top 5 Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android 2019

Crossword Puzzle Apps

Most of the people in the world spend most of their time on a smartphone by using different game apps. Moreover, there are lots of logical apps available for Android and iOS users nowadays. They will help the users to train their memory and intelligence

There are many logical games available for online or offline. For instance, crossword game apps are one of the best ways to train the user’s memory. Here is top five the best crossword app Android for a companion in the free time.

This game is also known as five-minute crossword puzzle developed by second gear games. It is another amazing cross-app containing a large set of bite-size puzzles. The user has to solve each of them in 5 minutes.

Now, it is available with different difficulty levels with three different languages which are awesome. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to skip crosswords if the user cannot solve it.

For more interesting crossword experience, Wordalot does things a little differently compared to other apps. Apart from giving individual word-based clues, it shows a picture at the top of the puzzle. It consists of items that can be found in the picture.

The users have to match what the puzzle is hinting towards to the picture. Moreover, a nice twist on the crossword format is available if the user wants something fresh. In addition, this game is also good children. Thus, this game is one of the best crossword app android.

It is a modern word game app for Android and iOS device users. It’s easy to start with different and advanced challenging levels to play on Android. Moreover, it has the best combination of word searching, so the users can really enjoy word puzzle on Android.

There are more than 3700 puzzles are available from the makers of word chums in this app. Those all make this game app enjoyable, fun, and different.

It is a free Christian fun game apps for Android and iOS users. It provides challenging Biblical words to solve in a limited time. Moreover, it has ad-supported crossword game app at different levels. Thus, the users can easily choose a level before starting the game.

All of the crosswords on this app are easy to solve, so it is good for everyone to include children. One of the best features of this best crossword app Android is to provide a weekly theme and bonus puzzles.

This app is a popular crossword game apps by Teazel. It allows users to improve the word power by solving crosswords on Android. In addition, it has listed more than 250 cryptic crossword puzzles with 24 different features. Its unique feature is to provide an option of extra preferences.

Therefore, those best crossword app android are an excellent exercise for the mind. The programs are suitable for those who want to relax from work and switch to something else. The good news is all of those apps are free to download and play. Go check, download and play it.