Nov 052018

Tips on How to Install Printer Driver for Mac Easily

If you need to download and install a printer driver for Mac, we need to tell you that basically, it is easy to do especially when you have a new printer that has supported Apple AirPrint feature. In this case, you do not need to install additional drivers on your Mac PC. However, you may have an older printer that does not have the feature so that you need to install the driver in your PC. Well, here you go to install the printer driver on Mac.

How to Install Printer Driver for Mac

Installing printer driver for Mac is relatively easy. What you need to do is connecting your printer to your Mac PC via USB port. Next, you will need to turn the printer on and let the computer detect your printer. If the PC has recognized your printer, you can select the Preferences from the Apple Menu. Next, you can select Print & Fax then you can click on the Printing tab.

You may find that your printer does not appear on the list and printer driver Is unavailable error appears. One of the possible reasons is that your printer is a newly released model so that your PC has not had any communication with it. For this, you will need to download the printer driver that you can install later in your PC. We need to remind you that you should go to a trusted website to download the printer driver for Mac you need. The best option must be the official website to minimize the risk of getting unwanted malware of viruses. In addition, the procedure needed for installing the driver software may vary depending on the printer manufacturer and model. In this case, you absolutely need to be specific when you search for the downloadable file you need to install in your Mac PC.

Besides the installation via USB, you can also install the printer driver through your network. In this case, you need to make sure that you have shared the printer on your network. To deal with this method, you can go to System Preferences. Next, select Printing. Under the Print & Fax, click the plus (+) button. Next, you can select the Default Browser. Finally, your PC will make a connection to your printer. When the connection has been made, you can simply click the Add button to add your printer.

Well, those are some steps that you need to know when you want to install the printer driver for Mac. We have more pieces of information regarding printer drivers and their installation processes. Please explore our pages to get more.