Jun 202018

What Will You Choose from Play Store?

Android is one of a popular smartphone system. You can easily find more than a thousand Android users. Some users recommended using this smartphone since it can take more capacity so that more applications can be installed well. Year by year, Android released the newest version with a fresh system. In that situation, it gives more chance for the users to save more applications on their Android for daily use. For the basic concept of smartphone nowadays is effectivity. For one thing, you can get everything that you need. That is why Android nowadays have better system and innovation which will let the users do their tasks in the easiest ways.

The Essential Application that Should be Installed in Your Android

Out of more than a thousand applications on Play Store, actually, you will only need to install some different applications at once. Here are the applications that will be needed the most but still can be accessed easily from your Android smartphone.:

  • Email Application

If you are a mobile person or even just get busy with a received email, so having email application on your Android is a must. Actually, you will get an automatic notification if there is a coming email to your account. At the first, you will only get two big email which is Google and Yahoo. In contrast, there are more email applications which are available, You can download one of them.

  • Google Drive

Besides email, it is highly recommended to back up your data. Cloud system is one of the ways to save or back up your data. Fortunately, it is not available on PC. You can even download for your Android which will let you have easy access anywhere and anytime. Like the Google Mail application, Google Drive also can be accessed with an internet connection. The display is not too different from its mail so it is easy to use.

  • Evernote

If you are a mobile person and you need to get a digital note, so Evernote is one of the must-downloaded application. Moreover, there is a to-do-list feature which will let you to get the easy schedule on your smartphone. You do not need a big agenda from now on. In one smartphone, you can list as much as you can without having more weight to bring it out.

  • Facebook Messenger

Who does not know Facebook? One of the most popular social media becomes even more popular nowadays. If you like to get in touch with your friends through this social media, so it is highly recommended to download Facebook Messenger. This application will help you to get an easier access to chat with all your friends on Facebook. The friendly-used application is helping the user much. So, you do not need to open its application then having more steps for each chat room. Like another kind of messenger, you can access it directly.

  • Netflix

You do not only need the application for your business. You can even get the entertainment on a smartphone. If you like to watch a movie, so you need to download a streaming application. Nowadays, there are a lot of streaming applications. One of the recommended ones is Netflix. This application has more than thousands of movies and other TV shows. You can find your favorite programs and watch it anywhere and anytime. So, you do not need to worry that you will miss the TV program that you like the most. However, make sure that you have a strong internet connection to access this streaming application.

  • Spotify

Besides watching movies, listening to music also becomes one of the most popular hobbies. Before, you need to save the music files that you like to listen to your smartphone. It takes more time for you, of course, since you need to download them first then transfer it to your gadget. However, you can easily be streaming the music that you like. By signing in to your account, Spotify will help you to listen to more music in every genre in the world limitless. As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream the music from your favorite artist in one touch.

Safest Tips to Choose the Android Application

Recently, there are a lot of Android applications which are available on Play Store. So, here are the easy way to choose the right one:

  • Choose Between Free and Paid Applications

In Play Store, there are two types of applications which are free and paid. If you still do not need the features which need to be paid so you can get the free one.  Both of them have no different actually beside their features.

  • Choose What You Need the Most

Choosing the applications based on your needs is important. It is the easy way to choose the right one. So, are you a person who uses the Android for business only, entertainment only or both.