May 252018

The Various Free Software To Support Your Performance

When we learning information and communication technology for the first time, so the term of hardware and software will always to be the topic. Because both are the basic knowledge about computers. Hardware or known as hardware is all parts of the computer that can be physically seen, touched and held. For example. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, CPU, and many more. One of the websites that provide the free software is FileHippo. In contrast, software is intangible because it is a set of codes that are installed into the computer. Both hardware and software play an important role in the computerized system and both need each other.

What is software? the software is a computer program that has the function to connect the hardware and users. It can also be defined as an application composed of a set of programming language codes. According to other sources, software is a data that was programmed and stored intangible and digitally., but is on a computer. Another opinion mention that the software is a collection of data electronic in the form of instructions or programs that are managed and stored by a computer. The software itself is made by a programmer with the certain language of programming which are then compiled to become a code that can be recognized by the hardware. It is made to facilitate the work of a human, for example, to create documents, calculate, process images, and so on.

The Function Of Software

In helping the operation of a computer system, the software has special functions. The first function of the software is to manage various hardware devices to work simultaneously. The second function is to become a liaison between other software and hardware. As an interpreter of every other software command into the machine language, so that it can be accepted by the hardware. And the last function of the software is to identify the program. To run the function of software, the creators make software to be some kinds that have their functions itself. Some software is free that you may get in FileHippo.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is software for automatically processing data including basic calculations, graphic creations, the use of functions, and data management. This software is very helpful to solve administrative problems ranging from the simple problem until the most complex problem. These simple problems, for example, make plans for the needs of goods, including the name of the goods, the number of items and the estimated price of the goods.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application program for data processing that is commonly used to create reports, create later labels, create newspaper documents, create tables on documents, and others.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft power point is the name of the software that is used for presentation and also called the presentation program which developed by Microsoft corp. This software was launched officially on May 22, 1990, as part of The Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.


AutoCAD is CAD computer software for drawing 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions developed by Autodesk. The AutoCAD product family, as a whole, is the most widely used CAD software in the world.

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger actually removes and detects such Malware Fake Alert and also threats that is analyzed in List of virus section in the application itself.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is free software that allows everyone from business professionals to home users to easily and reliably view, search, and print PDF files using a variety of platforms and frames.

Windows Internet Explorer

Windows Internet Explorer is a free web browser and free software that you may get in FileHippo from Microsoft. And is included in every release of the Microsoft Windows operating system since 1995. Initially, Internet Explorer was released as part of Plus package for Windows 95.

Power DVD

Power DVD copy, easy to use DVD copy software, simplifies the copying process, allowing direct access to all functions. Users simply choose the source of the content, the destination, and click Copy.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office Outlook is a personal information manager program from Microsoft and part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although usually only used to send and read emails, this program also has calendar functions, notes, work schedules, and journals. When used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook can provide access to mailboxes, shared schedules, and calendars.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a relational computer database application program that used to create, design, and process the various types of data with large capacity.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source web browser that developed by Google by using the WebKit rendering engine. The open source project itself is called Chromium.

Macromedia FreeHand

Macromedia FreeHand is a computer application for creating two-dimensional vector graphic that use of geometric symbols such as dots, arches, lines, and polygons to represent images, oriented to the professional desktop marketing. Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator itself is a vector graphic is a computer graphic image arranged based on simple geometric shapes with mathematical equations.

Apple Macintosh

This is a superior operating system in terms of graphics. Requires special hardware so it cannot be installed on a normal computer.


Winamp is free freeware that you may get in FileHippo Download that has basic functions for playing music and video. However, with the right plugin, we can turn the music player to become a multipurpose program for exchanging music on the internet, operating TV, copying CD, and other jobs. Which is not impossible and all are free.

May 042018

The Benefits Of Store Software For Your Business

The development of social media and the people’s need for interesting food makes the restaurant, coffee shop, and cafe business grow rapidly in recent years. There are so many important things that you need to pay attention to when starting this business, one of which is the Point of Sale Software. Sale software is the one of computer software that has a function to sell the product.

Sales Software

However, what is the point of sale software itself? Although its role is quite important in the business world, but no many people who run a business understand about this system. POS or Point of Sales is a system that used to conduct the retail sales transactions, such as in restaurant or cafes. Generally, the equipment used in a POS system is a set of computers and cash register. However, at this time the computer can be replaced by a smart tablet. Using the Android operating system that is more efficient, o you no need a wired device or wireless. If you don’t have the cash register or Point of Sale for business, so you may able to try using Point of Sales software in your business.

To Reduce The Risk Of Human Error

The first benefits from store software are to prevent the human error. Human error is one of the common risks when managing a restaurant business manually. Manually recording all sales and inventories is very risky with the possibility of an input error. Some input errors can be in the form of writing the price incorrectly in the receipt, writing the costumer’s name incorrectly, writing the quantity of the order, and so on.

These mistakes can be avoided if your restaurant business uses computerized Point of Sales (POS) software. Digital system using the Point of Sale software will make things easier and more effective. The variety of possible risks of errors also become lower, because everything is done by a computer system.

Reduce The Potential Fraud Of Management

The second benefits of using store software is to reduce the potential losses caused by the fraud of management. One of the required jobs can be done by theft by the employee itself. By using the computerized point of sale software, you can browse and find out all the costs of your restaurant business. You can find out the detail of the costs from the purchasing of raw materials to suppliers, salary fees, until the selling food and drinks.

This all is packaging in one software. Point of Sale software is computerized and will also reduce cheating costs because it will be easier and can be monitored in real time. In addition, computerized Point of Sale software can also help you in calculating stock, so that the supply of foodstuff that you buy can suit your business needs.

To Improve The Efficiency Of Business

In addition to estimating your food supply requirements to suit their sales, through computerized Point of Sale software, you can also increase the efficiency of your restaurant. The Point of Sale or POS software will help you to make list the foods and drinks that customer orders faster and more accurately. All can be done by your employees without the hassle of writing in books, your costumers don’t have to wait long because of the length of the queue to make payment transactions. This is the reason why a computerized Point of Sale is very necessary for your restaurant business.

To Help You To Know The Return Of Investment

Analyzing the sales of various foods and beverages menus, from the less desirable to the best selling in a restaurant business are other important tips for understanding your business demand and income estimates. By doing this analysis, you can monitor the unit costs and analyze the need for food stocks, both those that need be deducted.

In addition, you may also delete some foods and beverages menus that are less attractive to visitors. You can track all the data of sales by viewing the results of the sales report through the Point of Sales software. The sales result analysis process will also help you to find out the percentage of profit for each business segment, the performance of individual branches in each location, as well as the effectiveness of the most successful promotional strategies in your business. That way, you can compare the Return on Investment (ROI) of your business for a certain period of time easily and accurately.

To Increase The Accuracy Of Each Transaction

One of the promotional tricks that can be done to market your business is to provide sales discounts. However, what if this price reduction actually causes inconsistencies in selling prices between locations and theft by unscrupulous employees? Don’t worry, because the computerized Point of Sale software can help you to update while tracking the selling price of several branches of your business location at once.

You can track and access data anywhere and without having to go back and check it one by one. Any promotions, discounts, and prizes can be tracked accurately and indicated by each of these promotions can be obtained every day. Real-time price tracking as it is done is impossible without the help of computerized Point of Sale software.

Helping Customer Analysis

Computerized Point of Sale software also has the ability to store basic customer data, such as names and contact information. This data can help you to personalize the dining experience at your restaurant. By collecting customer information, you can find out where loyal customers are and anticipate their orders.