Feb 152018

What’s the Best Android Game’s Genre for You?

The game is one of the best things you should have. Nowadays, you do not need a separate tool to play some different kind of games. You can get every kind of games which exists only on your smartphone. Moreover, Android becomes one of the most popular smartphones. With higher capacity, it is highly possible for you to install and get more games. You can just go to the PlayStore and get more games that you want. So, have you already known what kind of game that you need? If you have not found out what your style for a game is, so you can read more information below. It will help you to get the games that you want.

Various Genres of Android Games

Actually, it is not too difficult to differentiate some of the mobile games on Android. However, have you known the genre for each game? Basically, you can find the games based on the genre which are already classified by Play Store. In that situation, you can get easily know what you need the most for a game. To make it easier, here are some genres of Android games which are usually found with its short explanation:

  • Adventure

From its name, you might already be caught the type of this game. For your information, adventure games are not only about the fast and war action. Nowadays, you can find a puzzle solving game which is included as an adventure game. The meaning of adventure itself as a genre of game is about the setting of the game. Mostly the adventure games will have movie characters on it. Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and more characters will be involved as the main character of the game. In short, an adventure game is a kind of game that will challenge your imagination and brain at the same time to choose your own story based on your actions in the game.

  • Action

Some of the people still think that adventure game must be battle or action. However, both of them are different. The action game has a concept about the sharp reflexes to succeed in every mission in the game. Moreover, the action game is one of the most varied games in Android games. You will find that there are more sub-genre for this genre game, like races which producing a crash, arcade games, shooting galleries, fighting and many more. As long as you need to compete, it can be the action game.

  • Sports

If you like sport, so you need to install the sports games. You can imagine what kind of games which are available for this genre. Football, basketball, tennis and even water sky are half of the sports games which are easy to be found. However, there are some differences between different games. There will be a different particular concept in the rule. So, you can have a different game with the same genre on your Android.

  • Strategy

Basically, the strategy game is combined with another kind of genre. It comes to be the supporting genre to make the game be more exciting. Adventure, sports, action and even card games need a strategy. You will activate your brain more and get the strategy on how to win over the game. That is why this kind of game becomes the most popular and attractive one. The advantage of playing this game is you can develop your intuition, logic and also focus. Some of the games which are included in this genre are checkers, chess and another kind of board games.

  • Card

Who does not know Solitaire? This kind of game is included as a card game. You can also find other card games which usually found on your PC and now available on Google Play Store. Besides the basic card game, you can also find the modified card game which is usually combined with another genre games. Sometimes you can even found the card games inside the adventure games as the mission. Then, you can also find the concept of the games are racing or adventure but basically is let you to play the cards for the whole missions.

  • Role-playing Games (RPG)

Have you ever heard about RPG games? The RPG or Role-playing games is actually not the new genre but the recent popular one. Like the name, this kind of game has a role-playing situation. Basically, the game will have more various characters in the developed complex storyline and need you to take more times to play. Unfortunately, most of the RPG games need more capacity. That is why most of them are not friendly enough for some Android type with low to medium capacity. Most of the RPG nowadays brought the realm of the modern day which brings you to get into the character and build it like your life and become more real.

The Recommended Android Games for Your Mood Booster

Do you need any recommendation for having fun? Here are some games that have different genres which can be installed on your Android:

  • Hungry Dragon

For the simple yet exciting game, you can choose Hungry Dragon. It will let you have some missions. The basic concept of this game is you need through some obstacles and collect more characters to be a winner.

  • Real Racing 3

If you prefer the action of vehicle game, so the Real Racing 3 is the recommended one. You can even join with multiple players around the world to race over. Moreover, you can even redesign your own racing car. Just get ready to play in speed.